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The department of Defense mandates that tobacco sold on bases be discounted for no less than 5% under the lowest local price. When checked between March and May of 2011,  the following bases were breaking this restriction.

Combating Tobacco in Military and Veteran Populations, June 26, 2009
This report, requested by the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, details the financial and health impacts of tobacco use in the military.

2008 Department of Defense Survey of Health Related Behaviors Among Active Duty Military Personnel, Dec. 2009 This report assesses substance abuse, mental well-being, deployment issues, fitness, nutrition and contains information regarding tobacco use

Dr. Mathew Farrelly, a scientist at RTI International, studies how pricing affects tobacco consumption. In short, when the price goes up, consumption goes down. The reverse is also true.

Keith Haddock is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and director of the Institute for Biobehavioral Health Research where he studies tobacco’s impacts, both health and financial on service members.

Cornell professor Donald Kenkel has researched the relationship between cigarette pricing and the likelihood of smokers driving across state boundaries for lower prices.

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